Our research lab is transferring into the UCSC Baskin School of Engineering, Department of Computational Media. We just moved into our new offices and lab space!

Please stay tuned for our new lab website coming soon (Winter 2020).

In the meantime, we’ve updated this website to reflect the most important changes to our lab: new projects, new people, and new info about how to get involved.


1) Are you taking on new PhD students this year? Yes! Here is more info about the PhD program and how to apply.

2) Are you taking on Post Doctoral Scholars this year? Yes! Please email us if you’re thinking about applying.

3) Where are you located? We are in the Engineering 2 building (Room 201) on UCSC campus (map). If you haven’t visited UCSC before, you can take a virtual tour of campus.

UCSC engineering 2 building

FAQs (continued):

4) Will you write a (good) letter of recommendation for me?

  • If you have done research or field study with me for at least a couple of quarters (and have done well), then yes! I am up for writing of a letter of recommendation that says something substantial enough to be useful for your admissions committee reviewers, going beyond what your transcript already shows. Please be sure to send me your CV or resume, personal and research statement (drafts), and a spreadsheet that includes the programs you are applying to, the deadline for letter submissions, and instructions for how to submit those letters. Also, please let me know which one or two programs are your top picks.
  • I do not write letters for students, who I have only interacted with in class. It can be bad (not neutral) if I say vaguely positive things with nothing more than what they can already see on transcripts. The best letters of recommendation include claims about how amazing you are, using concrete examples from our interactions with one another. If you have coaches, managers, or other mentors in your life, who know you well and can speak to your particular strengths, I’d recommend that you ask those people for letters of recommendation. Not all programs require that letters of rec come from professors.